The Debate

Of course, like so many others, I watched the televised debate of the contenders to be leader of the Conservative party, apart from Boris Johnson, who shirked the opportunity – I hope to his eternal discredit.

For what it’s worth (it’s been pointed out, correctly, that I have no qualifications for commenting on politics), I thought Michael Gove came out of it best: robust, quick on his feet, and confident. I had previously had very little idea of Sajid Javid, who spoke with thoughtfulness and dignity. But it was clear from the applause that the only candidate who has any opportunity and the determination to reach out to younger, swing voters, as represented by the audience, is Rory Stewart who offers a different style of politics: more concerned to listen, a bit rough at the edges, oddly earnest, but with the advantage of being humane.


4 thoughts on “The Debate

  1. johnjomahoney says:

    Charles,surely anyone who is entitled to vote is entitled to have political opinions. Writing from the west of Ireland the prospect of Boris Johnson leading the UK out of Europe in a chaotic fashion is a frightening proposition on many fronts,undoing the fraternal bonds built up in Europe since the last war, for very unclear and uncertain future trade options. I heartily support your comments,John

  2. I agree that Johnson would be a disaster : he’s clever but lazy and superficial, and has no judgement whatsoever. Everything that Michael Gove said about him is correct.

    Of the rest Gove has a good mind and is much the most able.

    I agree that Rory Stewart was the most refreshing. He spoke like a human being, and actually listened to others. I’m sad he’s now gone.

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