James Lloyd

I’ve always admired James Lloyd’s work as an artist – a thoughtful, serious, sensitive painter, who won the BP Portrait Award in 1997 with a portrait of his girlfriend, now wife, and was then commissioned to paint Paul Smith, one of the best and most thoughtful portraits in the National Portrait Gallery’s collection. This evening, he had a small exhibition of his recent paintings of artists’ models, each of which was painted in a day.

1. Vanessa:-

2. Sophie:-

3. Phil:-

He won the Discerning Eye Award in 2003 and ING, who sponsor the award, own his Self-portrait:-


One thought on “James Lloyd

  1. James, Think this is interesting-the artist did each of these (accomplished to my eye) portraits in a day. I know I’m always going on about things being dashed off, etc! Eg Tracey Emin’s stuff. M


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