Peter Smithson at the RA

A question from Ellis Woodman as to whether or not there are still people alive who were students at the RA Schools when Albert Richardson taught architecture reminded me that Peter Smithson, the well known brutalist, enrolled as a student in 1948, after completing his studies, interrupted by the war, at the King’s College School of Architecture in Newcastle. What on earth will he have made of the teaching of Richardson who liked to be carried round Ampthill in a Sedan Chair ? Anyway, it was at the RA that Smithson met Anthony Caro, another improbable product of its conservative teaching.


4 thoughts on “Peter Smithson at the RA

  1. Susie Allen says:

    Morning Charles
    In reply to your last blog- Paul remembers Albert Richardson at the RA schools and attended his lectures . He sounded quite an eccentric character from bygone times with his long black cloak and elegant walking stick with a silver top. If Ellis Woodman wants to get in touch with Paul, please do pass on his email address:


  2. Not just the Economist Buildings in St James’s Street, of course. Or even the Robin Hood Estate. It was his writing and teaching, with his wife, Alison, that promoted the New Brutalism and changed British architecture in the 1950s so radically.

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