More butterflies

I have become minorly obsessed by the number and range – and beauty – of the butterflies which come out to bask in the hedges and gorse on the track down to the river.

Most of them are, as yesterday, Meadow Browns:-

But there was a beautiful Red Admiral which liked the whiteness of Romilly’s dress:-

The third species is different – brown and yellow wings. I assume a Speckled Wood:-

Then there was one I couldn’t get close to, but spotted on the wall:-

I tried to cheat by reducing the size of the photograph, but it just pixelates. I think it’s a Peacock. Lastly, a Cabbage White. I know it’s dead common, but I’m still pleased to have found five species in half an hour, just by walking down to the river:-


5 thoughts on “More butterflies

  1. The butterflies this year are indeed remarkable. How about the Painted Ladies ? A recent TV documentary said that there is a record number of Painted Ladies this year, coming from North Africa, and despite stopping off in Catalonia en route.

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