Crosby Beach

In preparation for the great Antony Gormley exhibition which opens at the RA on September 21st., I stopped off at Crosby Beach where he installed a set of monumental sculptures in 2007 (I didn’t see them all). I found them strangely moving, standing in the face of the incoming tide, looking out west towards the coast of North Wales, they are magnificently calm and immobile, sentinels waiting for what one knows not quite what: some form of the end:-


4 thoughts on “Crosby Beach

  1. segravefoulkespublishers says:

    Impressive as a work of art, but as a small-boat sailor these always strike me as hazards to navigation!

  2. Juliet Wrightson says:

    I agree with you about being moved, so much so that since I was there I have been planning to go to Lake Ballard in Western Australia and am finally doing so this September.

  3. Gormley is superb at siting works, and he does have a wonderfully proportioned body !

    I agree that they are very moving, all his immobile self-portraits are very good.

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