InterRail (2)

As has been pointed out on my Comments section, our involvement in the InterRail scheme has been reinstated, following the intervention of Grant Shapps, the Transport Minister, who presumably realised – or was encouraged to realise – that it was a massive own goal at this stage of planning for No Deal, a gratuitous emblem of how we are expecting to disconnect from Europe.

I have been criticised for thinking that this might be viewed as a symptom of insularity: that Brexiteers may love Europe, they just don’t like the EU. But I’m not sure that I buy this argument. The discussions about the EU and the vote to leave have surely not been purely about it as a political institution, but have been infected by a rhetoric that we will be better if we go it alone: that we should treat the English Channel as a barrier not a bridge. And No Deal will presumably have consequences vastly much more problematic in our casual, cultural relationships and our ability to travel freely across borders than just the abolition of our involvement in InterRail.


3 thoughts on “InterRail (2)

  1. Richard Bram says:

    “Robert Nisbet, the RDG’s director of nations and regions, said on Thursday that ‘Britain’s train companies never wanted to leave InterRail’.” … the day after they announced that they were happily leaving InterRail. They only reversed themselves because they – and the Transport Minister – were subjected to a storm of abuse.

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