We had been tipped off at Crûg (thank you, Sue) that Halen Môn, the local sea salt company which supplies Anglesey Sea Salt throughout the world, had acquired a pop-up caravan serving lunch. It has. And it’s delicious: fresh crab, washed down by Wild Horse beer, a new craft beer from Llandudno. It has everything to recommend it (but, oh, it’s only thanks to EU funding and the Welsh voted against the EU):-


2 thoughts on “Tide

  1. edward chaney says:

    Caro Carlo
    Where yr otherwise excellent blog is concerned i do try and leave you on what i assume you assume to be the moral hi-ground where the other b-word is concerned but i’m genuinely curious to learn in this instance whether it’s sea salt, the crab, the craft beer or the pop-up caravan itself that is ‘thanks to EU funding’, not least given that, thanks to being part of Great Britain, Wales contributes far more to the EU than it gets back and, as uncle Boris seems to be trying to demonstrate, it should be up to us how we spend our dosh)?
    Meanwhile I should report the very sad news that my dear old tutor, Kerry Downes (I think you were also an admirer) passed away in his nursing home in York yesterday afternoon).

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