Crûg Farm (2)

I should have given more information about Crûg Farm, but had assumed, maybe wrongly, that everyone in the world of gardening and horticulture knows about it.

It’s a villa-cum-smallholding in the northern foothills of Snowdonia, close to Caernarvon, which Bleddyn Wynn-Jones bought in 1974, the year before he married. He got interested in plants and attended classes at the University of Bangor botanical garden. In 1991, they established it as a nursery.

They are now world-class, internationally well-known plantspeople (assuming that’s the non-gender specific version of plantsmen), deeply knowledgeable collectors of the rarest of plants, collected on expeditions to the remotest parts of the world. Always a treat to visit, but especially today when we had a comprehensive tour.

Here are some pictures of the sales area:-

And a view of the hills from the garden:-


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