The sun and the moon

Being in the country, we pay disproportionately much more attention to the state of the sky, reading the runes of the changing weather.

Last night’s sunset:-

Two nights ago was the night of the full moon:-

This morning, I was awake for the sunrise:-


One thought on “The sun and the moon

  1. Great sunset, full moon and sunrise, Charles.

    Like you, we watch for changes in the weather, especially when on holiday when it is so important.

    As I type, Gill’s eldest grandson, Harry, who has been working in China for the past two years and now speaks Mandarin, has been doing this Chinese homework opposite me, so these posts are to a background of Mandarin! He’s down here in Mothecombe with his Chinese girlfriend, who is doing a Masters at UCL, in Altseimer’s. Possibly a first, a response to your blogs, with accompanying Mandarin ?.

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