St. George-in-the-East

I know St. George-in-the-East so much less well than St Anne’s, Limehouse, because it is not on any of my normal routes. But it was this morning – majestic as ever, more complex in its geometry than St. Anne’s, more highly ornamented, with its unexpected, highly decorated, pepperbox towers which are such a contrast to the more austerely geometric structure of the church as a whole.

The site to its south is still undeveloped:-

I love the purity and complexity of its geometry, demonstrating the restlessness of Hawksmoor’s mind, ingesting classical ideas and motifs from his extensive library and somehow creating an architecture which is so purely abstract:-


3 thoughts on “St. George-in-the-East

  1. edward chaney says:

    V nice pix (and encouragement for my obit of Kerry Downes which i’m a bit stuck on) but you’re going too fast: I’m still commenting on this morning’s The Souvenir 1….

  2. The four pepperpots are absolutely wonderful. Along with the steeple, they create incredible always changing vistas as you circle the building. A quality that is often present in Hawksmoor,s work. It will be such a shame when the land in front is finally developed, as the church is seen so well from this point. I do not know your view on the post war chapel inside the church. I myself dream of a more complete restoration of the church, as achieved at Christ Church and St George’s Bloomsbury.
    But thank you for posting the lovely photos, as always a pleasure to hear your views on English Baroque architecture.

    • Tricky to know what to do about the interior St. George-in-the-East. The 1960s new building by Arthur Bailey of Ansell and Bailey struck me as undistinguished, unlike the wonderful chapel of the St. Katharine Foundation nearby. On the other hand, it’s hard to imagine people would have the stamina for a reconstruction on the scale of Christ Church, Spitalfields.

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