Johnson (2)

I have been trying to understand the Prime Minister’s arcane schoolboy language. Luckily, there is now a great deal of information available online to help explain his description of the Leader of the Opposition as ‘a great big girl’s blouse’, which is a new one on me: the best appears in an American online publication called The Cut, which describes it as fifty-year old slang for a sissy, first used in a late 1960s sitcom called Nearest & Dearest. Now, I read that he described David Cameron recently in the discussion as to whether or not to prorogue parliament as ‘a girly swot’. I do perfectly well understand this: that only a swot might expect parliament to sit during September after a long break during August, when they are paid salaries to do so. Then, there is the picture of him being comforted on a park bench, looking like an elderly, out-of-work actor who has fallen on hard times; and the picture of him giving a speech in front of the police in which he cannot read the lines that have been scripted for him. I have to pinch myself to remember that this is actually our new Prime Minister.


11 thoughts on “Johnson (2)

  1. Leslie Hills says:

    Molesworth out of Flashman indeed. And steeped in the unthinking misogyny of many of his class and education. To associate a man with the word girl is an insult. He is as much a relic as his lounging Leader of the House.

  2. edward chaney says:

    As a paleo-conservative pacifist i prefer relics to novelties (but not keen on wars, civil or otherwise, or what leads to them)… It says a lot that you’ve never heard of the expression ‘a big girl’s blouse’. This is surely not unconnected with you and yours (and the BBC) being so surprised by the referendum result, on which i won my bet. If only you and yrs (and the BBC) had attacked creepy Mr Major with such vigour when he betrayed Britain by signing the Maastricht treaty, which is slowly destroying Europe. (We should of course have had a referendum then as the French did, when even they approved it with a mere 50.8 per cent majority; the Danes rejected it by the same margin but were of course persuaded to vote again correctly, no doubt what you wish would happen here but wdn’t). The only thing that surprises me these daze is that even now you Remainians can’t see what damage the EU is doing (surely at least the predictable rise of the Right worries you?), even when it is effectively prevented the British from having an election (because it would deliver us from its power over us)…

    Meanwhile, i think recruiting Gombrich to your cause is a bit dubious; his politics were peculiar but he was at least culturally conservative (and also quite keen on ‘relics’). And i have a related belated response to yr citing of Gombrich’s wartime activities (when we saved him from the Germans): the news of Hitler’s suicide that he cleverly deduced prompted the then Taoiseach, Eamon de Valera, accompanied by his Secretary of External Affairs, to visit personally the Third Reich’s minister in Dublin and present their condolences…

    • Dear Edward, Yes, I guessed I probably should have heard the expression ‘a big girl’s blouse’, but the truth is that I hadn’t and even now I can’t fully understand the nuances of the insult, which is why I had to look it up. As to Gombrich, I wasn’t trying to recruit him to ‘my cause’: was merely interested by the way he obviously felt that the British had such a deep rooted anti-Europeanism, which was waning in the 1990s as a result of cheap foreign travel. Charles

  3. edward chaney says:

    PS… I hope this doesn’t mean i’m ‘steeped in the unthinking misogyny of many of [my] class and education’ (though come to think of it i am getting a bit fed up with the radio’s wall to wall whingeing wimmin) but i did wonder whether Jo Johnson’s disappointing resignation might be related to the fact that his wife is a somewhat formidable Guardian journalist? In any case he is clearly now going to be able to spend less time with his family…

  4. frank clear says:

    Hi Charles It is sickening to see the state of the UK Government on the edge. I do not want to debate did yards on your forums. Great post Frank ________________________________

  5. Despite being a good Classisist, he really must be the worst Prime Minister we’ve had in our lifetime, and that’s quite a claim when you consider the competition – Theresa May, Anthony Eden. Thank heavens he’s gone, or is going.

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