Dominic Grieve (1)

I am increasingly admiring of Dominic Grieve, not least in the way that he is now tackling with such careful and forensic zeal why and when it was that the government chose to prorogue parliament and getting the evidence out in the open, as it is supposed to be and clearly is not, because of the increasing tendency of special advisors to conduct much government business on WhatsApp, precisely so that they are not accountable, as required by the civil service code (Cummings thinks he does not have to abide by the civil service code). We now know from the WhatsApp comments by government ministers over the weekend just how ignorant, childish and jejune they can be, so I will be interested what further comments are revealed if – as now seems unlikely – the government complies with the demand.


2 thoughts on “Dominic Grieve (1)

  1. You are right to admire Dominic Grieve. he was a very good Attorney General and has been on the side of Parliament, and Reform, throughout his career.

    He was a founding member of the Parliament First group which I convened and created – one of the few political achievements, together with Freedom of Information, to which I can lay claim.

    Parliament First was an All Party group of former Ministers, frustrated by the way that Tony Blair ignored Parliament, which included Ken Clarke, Tam Dalyell, George Young, Gwyneth Dunwoody, Paul Tyler, Tony Wright, Bob Marshall Andrews, Ming Campbell and others.

    It produced a good pamphlet on Reform. After I stood down in 2010, it was Chaired by Michael Meacher who edited a pamphlet of essays, with contributions from, among others, Caroline Lucas and John Bercow, It’s one failure was its inability to agree on reforms to the Lords.

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