The interregnum

I can maybe take a break from politics for a bit and return to architectural details. The policy seems clear: silence parliament; and then swamp the media with state-funded propaganda, promoted by H.M Treasury, singing the praises of cheap booze under No Deal. Unfortunately, the policy may work given the recent history of using social media to target swing voters, emphasising how horrid life under Corbyn is going to be. But, as I understand the psephology, it requires those people who remain passionately in favour of Brexit, whatever the consequences, to vote in favour of a Conservative/Brexit party coalition and swing from the benefits of a close relationship with Europe to preferring an American-style low wage, free market economy, regardless of long years of Austerity. As plenty of people have pointed out, one can’t disregard the possibility of this happening. But will all those traditional Labour voters in the north really swing to the Conservatives, irrespective of tribal loyalties, whilst much of the rest of the country, including many old-style, traditional tories, alienated by the extremism of what was their party, move across to the liberals and the Scots to the Scottish nationalists ? It will no doubt require more dirty money.


2 thoughts on “The interregnum

  1. Yes, please return to Art and Architecture, but keep going on politic
    s as you make very good sense. You are right that Johnson’s strategy is clearly to bribe us with our own money. It may work, sadly. Much depends on whether Labour can appeal again to the constituencies in the North.

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