Royal Drawing School

My first act as the new chairman of the Royal Drawing School was to celebrate and congratulate the 139 Young Artists whose work is on display in the Drawing School’s gallery in Charlotte Road. They are mostly between the age of 15 and 18 and attend classes not just in Shoreditch, but also Trinity Buoy Wharf, the National Gallery, the Ashmolean Museum, Norwich and New Cumnock Town Hall. It’s an amazing programme, developing skills of expression, concentration and observation, which are valuable whether or not the students go on to art school:-


7 thoughts on “Royal Drawing School

  1. edward chaney says:

    Congratulations on a great appointment. I do hope you use your influence to keep the Drawing School true to its (presumed) original intentions of providing a grounded alternative to the orthodoxy of the avant garde that has so disastrously dominated the state art school system for the past half century. As Marina Abramovic flounces into the RA it would be nice to think that this more modest institution wd continue setting a superior example…

  2. edward chaney says:

    (I mean of course superior to Marina A; i love the RA, though i notice the President’s pix have gone a bit peculiar recently).

  3. joan says:

    Our middle son – now aged 20 – attended the drawing school for about seven years from when in primary school. When he started they held a club in a church hall in Plaistow – taught by David Calder and Perienne Christian – but he later moved on to Shoreditch. In those early days it was free to everyone and managed to be both seriously instructive (I remember the critiques at the end of each session) but at the same time had a bit of an attractive thrown together feel. We have fond family memories of the many annual exhibition openings – especially the one at which Vivienne Westwood was the guest of honour. Incidentally one of our daughter’s best friends is a more recent Drawing School club student and is now off to Oxford to study at the Ruskin (at the same time as our daughter – who did A Level art but didn’t attend the drawing school – heads off to Newhnam, Cambridge for music).

    • Dear Joan, Yes, my introduction to the Drawing School was through our younger son attending Saturday morning drawing classes from roughly age 10 to age 16 and he then went on to art school. It’s partly why I so admire their work. Charles

  4. Jane Raven says:

    Congratulations on your appointment. I’ve spent many happy etching holiday weeks there – staying in Stepney and pottering in along the Mile End Road watching the area come to life with the stalls setting up. And back the other way at the end of the day. We have a fantastic new printmakers up here in Edinburgh now – state of the art – so I donated my summer course to a friend who used to study at RDS and loved being back. I’ll be back though!

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