Gerry’s Pompeii (2)

In the summer he made small statuettes of his favourite historical figures:-

This is Gerry himself, appropriately gloomy and saturnine:-

It’s a folk version of the National Portrait Gallery. Gerry died five weeks ago and the question now is if and how it can be preserved as a monument to a private obsession:-


2 thoughts on “Gerry’s Pompeii (2)

  1. joan says:

    I would love to see these displayed. I suppose it counts as outsider art and there have been enjoyable exhibitions of this at the Wellcome and at the Bethlem Museum of the Mind/Bethlem Gallery. Of course another example is Madge Gill whose exhibiton at the William Morris Gallery (much of her work belongs to Newham Council) has just come to an end. I do hope it finds a home.

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