All Soul’s

All Soul’s was looking very magnificent for the memorial event held for Philip Lewis, an old and close friend, who was a elected a Junior Research Fellow in 1965, a Senior Research Fellow from 1972 to 1988, and an Emeritus Fellow till his recent death.

We admired Hawksmoor’s elliptical, coffered buttery, with Hawksmoor’s black bust in a niche overlooking the fellows having lunch:-

And then, by magic, we were invited to cross the North Quadrangle, Hawksmoor’s experiment in gothic:-

And through a side door to the great sweep of the Codrington Library, now condemned for its association with Christopher Codrington, a plantation owner in Barbados, who left £10,000 in his will to All Souls, where he had been a Fellow in the 1690s, whilst simultaneously fighting for the crown as a captain in the foot guards, but hard not to admire architecturally:-

Henry Cheere’s statue of Codrington:-

And John Bacon’s seated statue of William Blackstone, who as bursar of the college had arranged for the completion of the library:-


One thought on “All Soul’s

  1. True, but All Soul’s has done really badly in relation to the Mark Twain Library in Kensal Green where it tried to insist that the Library should are sold, saying that it, the richest Oxford College, needed the money (!), and it was only the luck of finding a sympathetic developer who was prepared to exchange the campain’s support for the upper storeys in exchange for the Library reopening on the ground floor – the first library in the UK to open at a time when libraries are closing everywhere – that allowed it to re-open last week.

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