The Search for a Carer

I am using the unorthodox means of a blog post to ask if any of my readers might by any chance know of someone, preferably in East London, who would be willing to act as Romilly’s carer on Friday all day (it’s a 15-hour day) and either Saturday mornings (another six hours) or all day Saturday. We are finding it nearly impossible to find someone suitable, because I have realised that the work of getting her up and dressing her is arduous, both physically and, in some ways, psychologically. I have done it myself often enough and am not good at it. But the rest of the day is not so onerous and I would like to think that there might be some postgraduate or medical student who needs a bit of extra income and has the necessary kindness, patience and generosity of spirit as her other wonderful and saintly carers. If so, could they please contact me at ?


One thought on “The Search for a Carer

  1. Anyone who responds to this should consider themselves very fortunate : Romilly is such an exceptional person and works on wonderful projects, that this would be a dream job.

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