El Greco

The El Greco exhibition at the Grand Palais was packed. It shows his origins as an icon painter in Crete, moving to Venice in 1567, where he painted in the style of Tintoretto:-

The Annunciation (1569):-

Then he went to Rome, where he specialised in small-scale paintings, like his Pietà from Philadelphia:-

The Entombment from Newark:-

Then, lacking big commissions in Rome, he signs two contracts in 1577 to undertake work in Toledo.

The Adoration of the Shepherds:-

What the exhibition shows well is the evolution of his style, more orthodoxly mannerist.

The Assumption of the Virgin from Chicago who have collaborated on the exhibition:-

A beautiful Pietà (c.1580) from a private collection:-

The Holy Family with Mary Magdalene from Cleveland:-

St. Peter and St. Paul from Barcelona:-

The exhibition ends with different versions of Christ driving the Moneychangers from the Temple, including a great one from Minneapolis (c.1575):-


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