Paris (1)

Every time I go to Paris now, I am impressed by how much better the French have preserved their architecture and sense of history in the centre of the city – vastly much less demolition, still almost no skyscrapers, they have kept small shops. I photographed as I walked.

A fountain near the Centre Pompidou:-

The detailing round multiple gateways guarding the cour d’honneur of a hotel particulier:-

I walked past the Agoudas Hakehilos Synagogue in the Rue Pavée:-

What was a sauna:-

To the Place des Vosges:-


One thought on “Paris (1)

  1. What a wonderful walk! Thank you for photographing it : the Ile, the Rive Gauche, the Library, which I’d never seen before, the small shops – Paris has kept its detail and atmosphere better than London.

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