West Bund Museum

We went to see the new West Bund Museum, designed by David Chipperfield who won a competition to design it when its use was as yet unspecified. The Centre Pompidou took it on as an outpost for them to show exhibitions and changing displays from their permanent collection two or so years ago and so have adapted it to their use – closing off the top lighting in the upstairs galleries, enhancing the requirements for environmental controls, and introducing an extra floor to the central atrium, closing off the basement. It will be opened next week by President Macron.

The building occupies a fine site on the Huangpu River:-

This is the river entrance:-

There is a separate entrance to the basement which has a fine auditorium:-

For obvious reasons, I was discouraged from taking photographs ahead of its opening next week, but this is a view from the entrance of the central public atrium:-

Upstairs, are three huge gallery spaces, Gallery 1 showing new media, Galleries 2 and 3 showing 100 works of art from the Pompidou’s permanent collection.

I wish I was going to be here for the opening.


2 thoughts on “West Bund Museum

  1. How impressive ! Richard and I were approached to plan the whole far bank of the Bund. I now wish we hadn’t passed on it, but if David C is involved it’s in the best possible hands.

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