Shanghai Museum

I started in the ground floor Sculpture Gallery, looking at Tang carving.

A head of a buddha:-

A small figure accompanying a buddha:-

An amazing wooden head:-

I liked this ceramic official:-

And a Maid-Servant:-

Upstairs, I looked at the prehistoric pottery.

A red pottery jar (6,000 BC):-

A Fu (c.4800 BC):-

A Lei:-

A much later yellow glazed pot:-

On the third floor is the Chinese painting.

A view of Hexi Cottage, which belonged to Gu Ying:-

This is a landscape so precisely dated to 1371 when the artist, Gu Yuan, was fifty one:-

I like the picture of someone coming back from a fishing trip:-

Willow Trees at the Gate (1562):-

By now, I was suffering from the most severe museum fatigue. It was time for lunch.