Marina Abramović

We went to a talk by Marina Abramović last night: actually, it was more in the order of a performance, because she has a way of holding one’s attention which is deeply theatrical, based on her presence and the way she speaks, as much as what she says. What she demonstrated very clearly was how her performances have evolved from small-scale, one-off, 1970s happenings – the invitation to an audience in Naples to do what they liked to her naked body, which they did, the arrow pointed at her heart by her lover Ulay – to mass, public, therapeutic events, invitations to people to pay attention to who they are, filling football arenas with a participatory art event, a healer of men. It will be fascinating to observe the public’s response to her exhibition at the RA next year.


One thought on “Marina Abramović

  1. edward chaney says:

    I’ve seen enuff since my art-school daze to know what this member of the public’s response to her RA exhibition will be… At least the empress is now likely to be wearing her clothes (resisting the BBC’s campaign to persuade us that young Ulays lust after older women?)… xe

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