The Hon. Godfrey Samuel (2)

Having failed to find much information online about the work of Godfrey Samuel as an architect in spite of the fact that he was a founder member of the architectural practice Tecton in 1932, designed a number of modernist houses in the 1930s, corresponded with Le Corbusier about how to get La Ville Radieuse translated in 1936, and was one of Corbusier’s hosts at the MARS exhibition on The Elements of Modern Architecture in January 1938, I have discovered that there is more, and unexpected, information about him in born in 1904, so in his late twenties as a member of Tecton, he had been at Balliol before, I assume, being a student at the AA; a bachelor, he died in 1982 and left all his papers to the RIBA.


One thought on “The Hon. Godfrey Samuel (2)

  1. These posts on Samuel are really important. Well done, bringing them to public `attention. Thank you. Tecton were one of the central architectural companies in the 20th century in Britain.

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