Ted Cullinan (2)

I went to the memorial event for Ted Cullinan, held at St. James’, Spanish Place, where his parents were parishioners, but it was scarcely religious, apart from singing Jerusalem, with much poetry, guitars and a stirring rendition of ‘He’ll be coming round the mountain’. As often, one learns a lot from a memorial service: the size of his family – children and grandchildren; their devotion to him; his gentle and passionate anarchy, which included driving through the pedestrian entrance at Tesco’s. Reading his obituaries, I wasn’t surprised that he had studied at Berkeley, California in the early 1960s, which helps explain his bicycling utopianism. ‘A libertarian socialist’ was how he described himself.


2 thoughts on “Ted Cullinan (2)

  1. Somehow I’d missed the news of his death and his Obituaries. Did they mention his great`t love for the Staffordshire Moorlands and for Flash, the highest village in the country where we visited him regularly.

    He was a wonderful man and a very good architect who contributed considerably to Labour’s architectural policy which i drew up, with Richard Rogers, in the late 1980s.

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