Boris Johnson

When I read Boris Johnson’s dog-whistle appeal to anti-immigrant feeling this morning – presumably closely in line with the Tory’s election strategy to appeal to northern, working class Brexiteers – I couldn’t help remembering that Johnson is himself the grandson of a Turk, Osman Kemal, and great grandson of a German, Hubert Freiherr von Pfeffel.

Isn’t it a tiny bit distasteful that he should be appealing to aggressive British nativism at this juncture ? Doesn’t his appeal to anti-foreigner feeling carry a few risks with it ?


6 thoughts on “Boris Johnson

  1. Richard Bram says:

    One wonders how he feels about the British in, say, Spain, Southern France, or Italy treating those countries as if they were their own?

  2. Leslie Tobin Bacon says:

    I agree with Otto… and I would like to remind you that Boris wasn’t even born in the UK…..And was a dual citizen with the USA/UK. I think that makes him some form of immigrant…. Couldn’t we send him back? But to where? And who would take him?

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