Election Night

So, we wake up to a different country: blue across great swathes of the north of England; the Conservatives the new party of the working classes and Labour apparently now only representing cities, universities, the young; Anglesey is now conservative; Emma Dent Coad has lost: so has Jo Swinson; running through the results, Conservative gains in all sorts of unlikely places, including Sedgefield. The world has been turned upside down.


9 thoughts on “Election Night

  1. johnjomahoney says:

    The world has been turning upside down for some time, a result of diminishing sophistication and the rise of isolationism and jingoism. William Waldegraves treatise is a stark warning

  2. What a disastrous night! Seats that didn’t elect a Tory throughout the 20th century did so last night, like my own former seat in Stoke-on-Trent, where all three seats went Conservative. When I became the MP in 1983, 61 of the 62 seats on the Council were Labour !

    The only glimmer of good news was that Johnson’s Victory speech was easily the best he made in the campaign, indeed the only decent speech he made.

  3. johnjomahoney says:

    In A Different Kind Of Weather was a pleasant read, but I was referring to Three Circles Into One, which makes reference to the problem of a divided society that will linger for some time and prove difficult to address in a meaningful way.

  4. A solid majority behind Johnson is the least bad outcome as at least it ends both ungovernment and Corbyn, if not Corbynism. My prediction is that Johnson, a practiced DU(P)mper, will dump the ERG (and Trump) and de facto stay in the Single Market (EU takes 45% of exports) in order to get the trade deal with the EU completed in the impossible timeline of a year. A softish Brexit.

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