Whitechapel Bell Foundry (19)

Things are hotting up with the Bell Foundry with Rory Stewart visiting at 2.45 tomorrow.

I hope as many people as possible will be there to demonstrate local and national support. It shows that he intuitively recognises the value of traditional industries in the local culture of London communities and that London should not turn its back on small-scale workshop manufacturing as one way to sustain the city’s economy.

I have realised that there is a flaw in Historic England’s argument that it was not able to intervene because its mandate only covers the physical appearance of a building, not its use. The flaw is that English Heritage, the body which has pupped Historic England, made strenuous efforts to get the Bell Foundry turned into a charitable Trust before the Olympics, so that it could attract public funding (I owe this information to a helpful comment on my blog). So, if it was within the mandate of English Heritage, can someone please explain to me why it was not within the mandate of Historic England to intervene in Spring 2017 when it so easily could, and should, have done ?

Meanwhile, we look forward to the verdict of the Secretary of State.


3 thoughts on “Whitechapel Bell Foundry (19)

  1. That’s an extremely good point, which ought to be a clincher.

    I’m afraid I can’t be there this afternoon, but you’ve done really well to get Rory Stewart. He’s excellent and would be a very good Culture Secretary, if only .. .. ..

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