Blain|Southern (2)

I’ve spent the first part of the morning clearing my desk at Blain|Southern – surprisingly easy all things considered, just putting a mountain of redundant invitations into the watepaper bin – as I prepare for my new life in the New Year: what is euphemistically called ‘a portfolio career’. I have enjoyed my time at Blain|Southern: short, but sweet, getting to know the operation of the contemporary art world. For anyone who did not get my change-of-address email, I am contactable in future on Happy Christmas to all my readers and best wishes for the New Year !


5 thoughts on “Blain|Southern (2)

  1. Jean Walker says:

    And a very happy Christmas to you and yours and thank you for another interesting and inspiring blog. I may not live in the UK but being an ex-pat and a lover of all things British, I really look forward to reading your blog each day.

  2. I agree with Jean Walker – your blog is a daily pleasure. But, what next? I hope that you will turn to the many ideas for books? More London; other cities, maybe;
    it’s simply too good to leave there. Much better than Pevsner as I may have already said.

  3. I’m continually getting requests to update my MUSEUMS AND GALLERIES book, making it digital. You would do this so much better, but if you do decide to do this, please use any material in my book of which you approve.

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