Iran (1)

I’m so pleased that the V&A is taking such a vocal and principled stand against Trump’s insane threat to attack Iran’s cultural monuments, the clearest evidence, if evidence were needed, of his invariable tendency to shoot from the hip, irrespective of the consequences.

I’m also glad that they are going ahead with their Iran exhibition in the autumn which will be such a great opportunity to be reminded of the wealth and depth of Iran’s culture. I still regret that we pulled the RA’s Syrian exhibition. It seemed essential at the time, but not in retrospect.


7 thoughts on “Iran (1)

  1. Pam Roberts says:

    Also the stance taken by the Met, MFA Boston, doubtless many other institutions in the next few days might make Trump understand that destroying cultural monuments is against international law. Although he assumes no laws apply to him.

  2. Richard Bram says:

    Trump’s feeling about culture, any culture: When he purchased the old Bonwit-Teller building on 5th Avenue to build Trump Tower, he promised to save the Art Deco façade sculptures and stainless steel grilles for the Museum of Modern Art. However, on his orders, all were destroyed so he could save $9,000 on a multi-million $ skyscraper.

  3. Thomas Ponsonby says:

    Charles when you write “I still regret that we pulled the RA’s Syrian exhibition. It seemed essential at the time, but not in retrospect” do you mean that it seemed essential at the time to pull out of it? Or the exhibition seemed essential at the time?

    I didn’t know that an Iran exhibition was coming to the V&A later this year. How exciting. A small group of us spent 3 weeks there in autumn 2018 and all are still feeling the glow of that beautiful country, its sites & sights.

    • Dear Thomas, I meant that it felt impossible to carry on with it in 2011, because of the assumed (and, in some ways, essential) support of the Syrian government, but in retrospect we should have done it with works from European collections only, which would have been perfectly possible. Charles

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