MONA (1)

So, this is MONA (the Museum of Old and New Art), the museum which I’ve travelled to the other end of the world to see:-

I was told to arrive by boat, but didn’t. If so, I would have had to climb these steps:-

The museum itself is underground (deeply), reached down steps carved into the rock:-

First things first (or thirst). There’s a very fine bar:-

The rockface:-

Of course, museums were originally purely about wonder – a mixture of art, technology and natural phenomena:-

It takes time, partly because all the information is contained on an Apple app called O and I’m hopeless at working out how to manage it. I like All the King’s Men by Fiona Hall, a kind of anthropological Rocky Horror Show:-

There’s a version of Richard Wilson’s 20:50, as beautiful and surprising as when I first saw it in the Saatchi Gallery:-

At this point, I discover the ‘art wank’ feature on the app which tells one rather more about the work than one wants or needs to know;  but good that it is there.

Onwards and upwards:-

The Washer by Francis Upritchard (NZ, but lives and works in London):-

Cloaca Professional by Wim Delvoye:-

Then, you come across a late Minoan chest:-

I read in an interview that the chief curator was inspired by the Soane Museum and I can see that there are elements of Soane in it: the mixture of contemporary and old; the sense of discovery. But it’s one of a kind: an anti-museum, more in the world of magic than the Enlightenment.