Sydney (2)

I wanted to write another entry on Sydney, but it was hot – hot beyond anything I have ever experienced, hot like sitting in the performance of Alfredo Jaar’s Inferno where the follicles on the top of my head were frizzled by the electric elements overhead. If this is what global warming is going to be like, I don’t recommend it. I walked down from the Art Gallery of New South Wales – the temple in the park – to the Museum of Contemporary Art – the warehouse on the harbour. It was a big mistake. I was wiped out and spent the afternoon watching Cornelia Parker’s film of Noam Chomsky talking about vested corporate interests unable to handle anything beyond the Chief Executive’s next pay check with gloomy fascination.


8 thoughts on “Sydney (2)

  1. Hah! It is slightly cooler up here in beautiful downtown Armidale, but the whole summer has been a shocker. I hope you are not too disappointed with Sydney – it has become a mess of civic planning in my opinion. Still, it is our metropole as has much to offer.

  2. Jean Walker says:

    We are in Perth WA at the moment where it is 39 today. I read your posts on MONA with interest because we live across the road from the entrance. The son of a close friend of mine went to Uni with David Walsh where they both worked on mathematical systems for gambling. David made millions and wanted to give something back to Tasmania. My friend’s son hasn’t done quite as well! It’s certainly helped to put Tasmania on the map for art enthusiasts.

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