Bubble Cars

I have been prompted by a comment on my recent post about a bubble car flying Union Jacks to find out about the history of bubble cars, which I assumed were a good emblem of small-minded 1950s British-ness; but, on the contrary, I discover that the Isetta – the version I saw – is a perfect example of European collaboration: designed in Italy, launched in Turin in 1953, and only manufactured in Britain in small numbers from 1957 under licence from BMW. But I thought I remembered playing I-Spy as a four-year old (1958) and choosing bubble cars because at the time they were the most popular car on the road. Is this possible ?


3 thoughts on “Bubble Cars

  1. I certainly remember lots of them on the road at that time – I always wishes we had one, rather than my father’s enormous 1933 Rover, which had fungi growing on the leather upholstery.

  2. Joanna Banham says:

    my mother had one and managed to cram herself, two children and the family dog in for the school run …. mid 1960s

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