Bill Brandt/Henry Moore (1)

I went to the wonderful Hepworth Wakefield to see their new exhibition of the work of Bill Brandt and Henry Moore: an obvious combination generationally and in terms of their visual interests – prehistory, social documentary, how to reproduce sculpture in photography, the underground, streets and black-outs during the second world war – so that it’s odd that it hasn’t been done before.

Brandt photographed Moore several times. First, in 1942, at Perry Green (I checked that I was allowed to reproduce it):-

Then in 1948:-

And finally in 1972:-

Brandt took himself in 1966, when he seems to have moved away from portraiture towards greater abstraction, not always as convincing as his intense and sometimes dark documentary realism in the 1930s:-

It’s a beautiful, thoughtful exhibition in David Chipperfield’s large and generously proportioned galleries.


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