Art on Display 1949-69 (2)

The second half of the exhibition is much less obvious than the first because it’s spread through the galleries on the main floor, tracing their original design and the extent to which it has changed.

The architects who won the competition in 1960 were Alberto Pessoa, Ruy d’Athouguia and Pedro Cid. But the key person determining the design of the galleries was the Italian, Franco Albini, one of the advisors on the project. They drew up a version of a computer programme to help with the layout:-

Then they did a detailed layout:-

The galleries have remained true to the spirit, if not the details of the original design:-

This is the Islamic Gallery as it was in 1969:-

This is how it is now:-

The Chinese Gallery then:-

The Chinese Gallery now:-

The paintings galleries as they were:-

The paintings galleries now:-