It was the opening last night of an exhibition at the Garden Museum of the work of ‘Artist-Gardeners 1919-1939’ – a generation of artists who retreated to houses in the countryside not too far from London, where most of them did part-time teaching. They had been trained to observe nature and draw plants and many of them turned to the cultivation of their gardens. Some of this group are well remembered and have already been the subject of scholarly study, including Edward Bawden at Great Bardfield and John Nash at Wormingford. But some deserve the attention which the exhibition gives them, particularly Charles Mahoney, a talented student of William Rothenstein at the Royal College of Art, who moved out to Wrotham in Kent and taught at the Royal Academy Schools where he is remembered for his emphysema (too much smoking) and grumpiness. It was a generation which was displaced by the artists of the 1950s and is now being resurrected deservedly.


One thought on “Sanctuary

  1. The Garden Museum has also had some excellent artists in residence, notably Charlotte Verity, the wife of Christopher Le Brun.

    Now his time as President of the Royal Academy is almost up she ought to be made an RA.

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