Cecil Beaton (2)

I have been gently chastised by Marina Vaizey for not saying more about the Cecil Beaton exhibition, which does indeed represent the Gallery’s long association with him as a photographer, beginning with Roy Strong making friends with him in the mid-1960s and showing his work in a landmark exhibition at the NPG in 1968, which, as she says, was the first serious exhibition of photography in this country. She thinks there were leaves on the floor, but I see no leaves in the surviving installation shot, which instead shows photographs mounted very densely on screens and Beaton’s large straw hat hanging on the wall. The exhibition was wildly successful, was apparently filled with incense, and was said to have had 250,000 visitors, although it’s hard to imagine how or where they were crammed in.

I forgot to put this in my blog last night because I was busy eating dinner.


2 thoughts on “Cecil Beaton (2)

  1. The intrusion of your personal life (eating dinner etc) is a delightful and all too rare addition to your blog. More of Romilly, please, and your sons.

    Marina is, I suspect, right. It was a hugely successful exhibition, justifiably.

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