Coronavirus (2)

Well, it’s odd how quickly events change the public mood. A week ago, we were starting to take steps to avoid infection. Today, the postman left the Amazon delivery by the gate in order to avoid having to speak. I have today cancelled all our social arrangements, all meetings, and we are not going to the opera this afternoon. No visits to the British Library, no travel by tube. A bit drastic perhaps and possibly too late, as the realisation dawns of widespread infection and the risks that it entails. So, my blog entries, which have anyway reduced in number, may reduce further as we hunker down for a long period of self isolation, with only books and wine as company.


11 thoughts on “Coronavirus (2)

  1. joan says:

    Thinking of you and yours. If you can post in the manner that Maya Binkin suggests that would be a real public service in helping to keep us all intellectually stimulated. Also the chance to see more of the beautiful things that Romilly makes would be very welcome.

  2. Buzz McCarthy says:

    I write from #CoronaCentral….la bella Italia….where I’ve been on #SplendidIsolation for 13 days now and loving it. Taken up writing again, have at least 100 unread books, 20 dozen wine in my cellar and 400 DVD”s. All is not lost. In fact I think much is to be gained.

  3. Globe Town is even quieter, as I look out the window and wonder how our elderly and other infirm neighbours can be supported. I am working out how to deliver teaching online to my students, and hoping my next course isn’t cancelled, as it’s with study-abroad students. Hopefully, I will do more research and writing, not least to supplement self-employed/visiting lecturer income.

  4. These Comments show what an interesting group of contributors you have. Maya is absolutely right. I am going to write MY LIFE IN POETRY.

    Please take extra care of Romilly, and yourself. Tou are both precious total of us.

    Please keep the Blog going. It will be especially important in these weeks of Self-Isolation.

    Have you noticed how long a 20 second hand wash is ?

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