4 thoughts on “The Garden

  1. joan says:

    It looks lovely and is always a real treat to spot when going past on the 25 bus. We have the first of our tulips out (a very red Esmee) and a good crop of rhubarb growing at quite a rate. Out at the front of our house the camelia and the magnolia are in bloom (both planted by our predecessors a couple of decades ago) and are a bit of a local tourist attraction in our E15 street which is usually busy with UEL Stratford campus students. Each year I stumble on people taking photos. Hope you’ll put up more photos as your bulbs emerge.

  2. Leslie Hills says:

    Wonderful. Here in Edinburgh the garden is as gloomy as the news. The tenements of the New Town ensure that it will be a week or so before any sun reaches the depths of my garden. But then it is a wee oasis.

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