Words from the Palazzo Strozzi

Of everything that I have read in the last twenty four hours about the necessity and consequences of museum closure, I find the words of Arturo Galansino, the director of the Palazzo Strozzi, the most moving: partly because he has already had to live with the consequences of closure for a fortnight or so; and partly because he seems to me to strike exactly the right note of meditative Stoicism – that things are bad, but that art will live on beyond this period of closure; and that it should cause us all to think about the meaning of art, and its importance, beyond the ephemerality of the everyday.



One thought on “Words from the Palazzo Strozzi

  1. Thanks for sharing this Charles. It’s great to see the positive innovations that are coming from this unprecedented situation. I think we all feel that we are wondering about a strange dream. Keep the good new coming !
    Best Wishes

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