North Wales (1)

I cannot disguise that we are in North Wales. Each day in Tower Hamlets, the risks of infection grew greater. It was hard to self-isolate completely. I know that a Welsh GP has complained about the pressure on services in North Wales, but it is obvious that one of the hospitals which will be under maximum pressure is the Royal London. At the end of the lane on Anglesey is necessarily isolated, out of contact with other human beings, alone with the fields and the lambs and the clean air.

Last night the sky was fiery:-

Today is a new dawn:-


9 thoughts on “North Wales (1)

  1. Leslie Hills says:

    We were on our way to an isolated village at the south end of the island of Bute when we heard that there were cases on the island. Somehow it seemed ill-advised to be on an island with limited medical facilities and perhaps precarious ferry services and so we will stay in Edinburgh. But my windows have just had their first big spring clean and everything looks a bit better.

  2. Ivan Gaskell says:

    That’s a good move. I can’t imagine London being a good place to be any more than is New York. We returned from Maastricht (TEFAF) to Lexington, Massachusetts rather than New York, and have hunkered down here. As many of our fellow New York residents as can have relocated to their country places upstate or in the Berkshires. But let’s not forget that this is a measure of privilege. Most people don’t have this option. Meanwhile, teaching continues online. Stay safe!

  3. Thomas Ponsonby says:

    Dear Charles & Romilly – I am so relieved that you have left Hackney & emigrated to Wales. I fled from Paris on Monday as the lockdown began, passed through London and we are now in the delightful verdure & open spaces of The Cotswolds until at least after Easter enjoying the freedom to walk the thousands of acres of farmland, parkland & woodland of the Bathurst Estates. Lucky us! Best wishes to you both

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