Monanisms (1)

Today is like yesterday, except everything feels completely different. Yesterday, we were effectively in lockdown, living in the purest self-isolation, but today it’s compulsory, with the prospect of being never-ending.

Anyway, I was surprised and pleased when a postman drove up and delivered an enormous box, which turns out to contain Monanisms, a book which is unobtainable in the British Library (even if the British Library were open) and documents very beautifully and luxuriously David Walsh’s collection which forms the basis of his museum, MONA in Hobart. An unexpected pleasure from the other end of the world.


3 thoughts on “Monanisms (1)

  1. Jean Walker says:

    Yes, a strange world at the moment. We went to the last concert at MONA before David shut up shop, a wonderful programme of Brahms by the chamber players of the TSO in the Sydney Nolan “snake gallery” which you will have seen on your visit. And a complimentary glass of Moorilla’s best sparkling wine. Won’t be any more treats like that for some time.

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