Whitechapel Bell Foundry (34)

We have just had one of our fortnightly meetings fund-raising to fight the planning appeal. In some ways, it feels a bit surreal in current circumstances, but in others, all the more important that we maintain the continuity of historic institutions, particularly one which has been continuously in operation since before the Great Plague and made the church bells which rang in the Restoration. Equally, if and when this epidemic is over, it feels slightly surreal and actually faintly immoral that the Bell Foundry might still be turned into a luxury boutique hotel, gutting its interior, ripping out its history, and turning it into a bar and café instead of somewhere to maintain and develop craft skills.


8 thoughts on “Whitechapel Bell Foundry (34)

  1. I’m hoping that the current crisis will give Bippy the opportunity to back out of the development without losing face… And as you say the pandemic makes the idea of a centuries old institution being turned into a boutique hotel seem even more crass than ever!

  2. Dear Charles,
    I don’t know if there was much clapping in doorways in your corner of Anglesey but having listened to the fireworks, car horns and clapping for the NHS this evening, it struck me that the more traditional, symbolic use of bells, would have been totally appropriate. What could be more appropriate then, than the restoration of the Bell Foundry as a memorial to the “Defeat” of the Corona Virus. Communities throughout the country and even the world could be issued with a special bell to mark the event.
    I know there are carts and horses and I often get them in the wrong order but when it’s over it will be the first “War ” where the whole world joined together to defeat the “Enemy” and there will definitely be a need to celebrate something.
    Let’s ring them bells!

  3. An Oxford without people is very strange. I have just been reading Zuleika Dobson and the spirits of the Gods are much in evidence, along with a strong feeling of “28 days later”. The solo beggar on The High strumming his guitar to a completely deserted pavement….much love

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