Tros-yr-Afon (1)

We are celebrating the fact that our small, Welsh cottage in the middle of nowhere has been shortlisted for the Architect’s Journal Small Projects Award 2020. It was not an easy project for Martin Edwards, its architect: how to add an extra bedroom to a nineteenth-century, rural cottage, without in any way jeopardising its character. He has done it beautifully by extending the line of the adjacent shed, but asymmetrically, so that the addition can’t be seen as one approaches the cottage from the north, and cladding it in Onduline, a lightweight building material like cardboard corrugated iron. Not only has his work not damaged the character of the original cottage, it has enhanced it. So, unusually, I am posting a photograph of it, bathed in the light of the evening sun, in Martin’s honour:-


4 thoughts on “Tros-yr-Afon (1)

  1. joan says:

    Just had a look at it on the architect’s website and I can see how it is shortlisted. It is very beautiful and clever. Hope you have some Welsh quilts/blankets in the house – not that you need extra heat with all that insulation!

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