At 6.30 sharp, we listened to a piece by Messiaen which was due to be played as part of a concert by Melvyn Tan at Charleston tomorrow evening. There was something both wonderful, but tragic, about listening to live music on YouTube, which was due to have been held at Charleston where not only tomorrow’s concert, but its annual literary Festival, have had to be cancelled:-


3 thoughts on “Messiaen

  1. joan says:

    Enjoyed this – both the music and the technical confusion at the start. Messiaen seems appropriate at the moment given how much more birdsong we are hearing, with the quiet streets, even here in East London. Just checked and find it difficult to believe that it was getting on for two years ago that there was the fantastic Messiaen/Stockhausen concert on at the Tate. More recently enjoyed the Messiaen concert at the Barbican where the LSO furnished us with ear plugs incase we were deafened by the seven angels with seven trumpets dotted around the auditorium!

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