Coronavirus (1)

I’m breaking my self-imposed lockdown on my blog, only because I am getting increasingly frustrated by the government’s total unwillingness to accept any responsibility for the delay in implementing a lockdown, the number of deaths this has caused, the pretence that their belief in herd immunity did not happen (did we just imagine it ?), and the total failure of the opposition to hold the government to account. I have just checked on the date that I was first told all about the dangers of Coronavirus, how it was likely to cause a gigantic epidemic, which could only be solved by the development of a vaccine, which was likely to take at least a year, and how the Chinese had made the necessary information about the disease available to scientists globally. It was on Tuesday 28th. January. If I who am not a scientist, nor an epidemiologist, nor in any way involved with government, knew all about what was likely to happen, why did it take the next eight weeks for the government to act ?

It was too late, as is obvious if one compares what has happened in Great Britain as compared to Ireland. At least two weeks too late. Surely this is the question Keir Starmer should be asking ? It’s not unpatriotic.


2 thoughts on “Coronavirus (1)

  1. Great to read your forthright comments. Of course you are right. We had plenty of warning and time to prepare.
    I hope this means that the Blog will be continuing – there’s plenty on which to comment.

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