Gowns for the NHS (2)

My faith in humanity is restored. Having decided to make gowns for her local NHS, Bella Gonshorovitz persuaded James O’Brien of LBC to do a tweet about her fund-raising appeal, which the Guardian picked up and in the space of less than a day she had raised all that she needs and more to make and supply the gowns. Thank you to all those who have helped. It’s such a direct and straightforward way of getting the equipment that is so obviously needed to the front line.


One thought on “Gowns for the NHS (2)

  1. Piers Bedford says:

    we are proud of our nations creative, industrial and enterprising past.
    we created cars and planes and trains, we built bridges spanning impossible gaps,
    machinery that spun cotton. hovercraft , motorbikes, nothing was beyond our inventive capability. .
    its such a shame that 3 months into a national crisis we our waiting, desperate for a single plane to bring in limited supplies of one-piece plastic gowns from Turkey , that are very similar to a 5p bin liner.

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