Coronavirus (3)

I find that the most straightforward way of following how we are doing in terms of coping with Coronavirus is not by listening to the daily news bulletins, but by studying the daily graph published (helpfully) by the Financial Times. I can’t help but notice that the weekly number of deaths has now overtaken both France and Spain, which shows that we have demonstrated our exceptionalism by the exceptional arrogance and stupidity of our response: not listening to the WHO when it first warned us of the dangers; not joining in with conversations with our European neighbours as to how best to respond to the threat; not ordering PPE as required. Pretending that all was well when it wasn’t; ‘taking it on the chin’ as the Prime Minister recommended in contrast to all the best advice.


4 thoughts on “Coronavirus (3)

  1. Lloyd Adalist says:

    Indeed. Way out here in Seattle, I receive the FT at my front door each morning and value the graphs and perspective they offer compared to the vast majority of what is on offer from the US press. US television is beneath contempt.

    • Yes, we have unfortunately followed the US, or vice versa, in our response: downplaying the threat; valuing our freedoms more than the health and welfare of old people; not paying attention to the WHO; and now trying to get it closed down, as if it was their mistake, not ours in not listening to them. Charles

  2. thats a good idea I get the FT online. I severely limit my news exposure as it raises my anxiety levels. According to friends who work within hospitals the ICU is full of the middle aged it is not just the old. I am also very concerned by the amount of BAME NHS staff Doctors, Nurses and NHS staff who have died of the virus . Had we put things in place earlier some of these deaths may have been prevented.

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