Michael Craig-Martin on Coronavirus

Apart from the recent interview in the Financial Times with Emmanuel Macron which I did not repost because it’s behind a paywall, this is the single most thoughtful and reflective – and damning – piece that I have read so far about the political response to Covid-19 in this country:-



4 thoughts on “Michael Craig-Martin on Coronavirus

  1. joan says:

    I’m afraid it is behind a paywall – though you can register to see a limited number of articles for free – but there is an interesting piece about Michael Craig Martin in the current edition of the Catholic weekly – The Tablet (How Catholicism Coloured My Life, 25 April 2020). In it he is interviewed by Joanna Moorhead (the biographer of her relative Leonora Carrington) and gives more detail on his current drive to draw fruit, flowers and vegetables. Being the Tablet the focus is on his education by the Benedictines. One thing he stresses in the Tablet piece, which is not in the much shorter art newspaper article, is how much he fears the impact of the pandemic on higher education. As a long time educator he is in a position to understand this.


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