The Young Rembrandt

I’ve just been watching Simon Schama talking about The Young Rembrandt, the Ashmolean’s exhibition which has had to be closed because of Covid-19 ( It wasn’t quite clear whether it was filmed before or after the closure, but either way it was a brilliant way of showing and experiencing the exhibition in absentia, with Schama as a profoundly knowledgeable guide looking not just at paintings, but drawings and etchings as well and giving a deep sense of Rembrandt’s humanity. A wonderful thing for the BBC to have enabled.


3 thoughts on “The Young Rembrandt

  1. Leslie Tobin Bacon says:

    Charles, do you have a link for the film, —- how can I watch this? I am in lockdown in California, only thing bad about it is that we share a president with the rest of the countryl Mad, bad and disgustingly dishonest.

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