Herd Immunity

I am getting increasingly baffled by the suggestion that herd immunity was not the declared policy of the government in March. I thought I would check what I half remembered. A friend in Paris wrote me an email on 17 March, ‘Dear Charles, I hope you are well and safe, and not taken into the UK herd immunity policy’. I knew what he meant as did he: that the UK government was going its own way, independently of the rest of Europe, because it thought it knew better, whatever the consequences in terms of the numbers of deaths. It was maybe a defensible policy at the time. But it’s surely not defensible to now deny it.



2 thoughts on “Herd Immunity

  1. We will now be witnessing deflection and obfuscation on a grand scale, aided by hideous financial sponsors of Mr. Johnson and bent newspapers. When will they be seriously challenged on how much money went to the Brexit campaign at the expense of pandemic preparedness and NHS funding?

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